Certifications and Registrations

ISO/IEC 17025 : 2017 Accredited Laboratory. (Scope)

Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP Cert. 1523) for Chlorinated Pesticides, Organophosphate Pesticides and n-Methyl-Carbamate Pesticides in raw agricultural products, plant tissues and foods; PCBs in hazardous wastes; and microbiology in drinking water & wastewater.

Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) registered laboratory (# PA0202945) for Schedule I-IV controlled substances.

FDA registered laboratory # 2910988.

Japanese Ministry of Health & Welfare Accredited Laboratory (#17).

2020 Emerald Badges (Inter-Laboratory Comparison and Proficiency Testing Program)

The Emerald Test™ is an inter-laboratory proficiency program for cannabis and hemp laboratories to evaluate the quality and replicability of their methodologies. Anresco Laboratories participated in both the Spring and Fall 2020 Emerald Test ILC/PT  program and has validated proficiency in the following areas.

ESC PesticideScr-Spring2020-Anresco
ESC Micro1-Spring2020-Anresco
ESC Micro2-Spring2020-Anresco
ESC Micro3-Spring2020-Anresco-1
ESC Micro4-Spring2020-Anresco
ESC ResSolvents_Hemp-Spring2020-Anresco
ESC HeavyM_HempOil-Spring2020-Anresco
ESC P_Solution-Fall2020-Anresco
ESC Terpenes_HempBud-Fall2020-Anresco
ESC WaterAct_HempBud-Fall2020-Anresco
ESC Micro1_Hemp-Fall2020-Anresco
ESC Salm_Hemp-Fall2020-Anresco
ESC Salm_HempOil-Fall2020-Anresco
ESC STEC_HempOil-Fall2020-Anresco
ESC Myco_Hemp-Fall2020-Anresco
ESC ForeignMat_Hemp-Fall2020-Anresco