• Sampling

    Clients with an FDA Notice of Detention Without Physical Examination (a “DWPE”) will need an experienced sampler to properly collect and document products taken for FDA import testing . Anresco provides the convenience of “one stop shopping” – not only can we test your product but we can properly sample it too, from anywhere in the country, and deliver it for testing either same day or overnight. Our experienced staff is trained to follow all FDA requirements (amount of samples needed, proper method of collection, accurate collection reports, photo documentation, labeling, etc.). Contact us for your sampling needs.

    Disclaimer for New York Importers:

    FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) requires that all products tested under DWPE be sampled by an accredited sampler. However, rules for implementation have been delayed, and the FDA New York Import District permits importers to take their own samples. For importers of this district, we can provide a collection report and guidance on how to take/ship samples, saving you time and money.